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This is the default configuration page for PmWiki's identity-based authorizations (aka "authuser.php"). See PmWiki.AuthUser for instructions.

At present this site doesn't appear to have the authuser extensions enabled. To enable them, add the line include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php"); to your local/config.php file. (See PmWiki.LocalCustomizations.)

Login accounts

Specify login accounts in the form "username: (:encrypt password:)":

    # Examples:
    # alice: (:encrypt wonderland:)
    # bob: (:encrypt builder:)

Note that the passwords will be encrypted when the page is saved, so that the result will look something like:

    # alice: $1$0gcdAN1a$HTdEAXyYYo8Hc9/Xv30Yz1
    # bob: $1$wSP2R80i$sJ593ERCmTtjm3Fk26HCV1

To authorize specific login accounts for pages and groups, use "id:username" as a password in ?action=attr or $DefaultPasswords (see PmWiki.Passwords). Use "id:*" to mean "any logged-in user".

Authorization groups

Authorization groups are specified with a leading "@" sign. Define either the login accounts belonging to a group or the groups for a login account:

    # @writers: alice, bob  
    # carol: @editors, @writers
    # @admins: alice, dave

Then use "@group" as a password in ?action=attr or $DefaultPasswords.

Login accounts from external sources

Obtaining login accounts from external sources (uncomment out appropriate line(s)):

    # htpasswd: /filesystem/path/to/.htpasswd
    # ldap: ldap://,o=example?uid?sub
    # mysql: mysql://[username:password]@localhost/db/table?user,passwd
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